We've been designing and building low emission, high-performance diesel engines used in locomotive, marine and stationary power generation market applications for more than 50 years.

Our world class engine manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania are among the largest & 世界上最现代化的 中速发动机. 有超过 22000台发动机在役 worldwide in some of the most challenging industrial environments, Wabtec 中速发动机s are proven to be among the most dependable, durable and 节能 engines available in the market, with better uptimes and lower life cycle cost for operators. Our engines are supported by an extensive global parts distribution and 服务网络.


可靠,经久耐用 & 节能 marine engines for propulsion and auxiliary power.

EPA T4 & IMO III emissions compliant series
符合IMO II排放标准的系列

Meet the cleanest Wabtec 中速发动机

Our MDC engines are the most technologically advanced and fuel efficient medium-speed diesel engines ever built by Wabtec. 这些发动机符合EPA Tier 4标准 & IMO III emissions standards thru exhaust gas recirculation that does not require urea based after treatment.

Meet the cleanest Wabtec 中速发动机 Tier4 Diesel Engine
No urea! No kidding!

As a global leader in emissions reduction solutions, Wabtec was the first to launch medium-speed diesel engines certified to meet the most stringent T4 emissions requirements, through advanced EGR technology without urea after treatment.

Meet the cleanest Wabtec 中速发动机 Tier4 Diesel Engine

Our customers value the most innovative marine diesel engine

Phoenix Reisen’s Amadea to undergo engine retrofit for greener ops

迪士尼3彩乐园 auxiliary diesel gensets, 旨在减少排放, are to be fitted to Phoenix Reisen’s Amadea by September. The Amadea will receive two medium-speed marine diesel engines, L250和V250, which use advanced EGR technology to minimise formation of NOx during combustion, thus meeting IMO III and EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements.

US Government adopting Wabtec’s EPA Tier 4 Technology

Wabtec Corp. 收到了第一个U.S. government order for marine engines with advanced emissions reduction technology. The 16V250 series marine diesel engines will be used aboard the U.S. Maritime Administration’s two new National Security Multi-Mission Vessels (NSMVs).

Wabtec发动机动力 & 推进游轮

国家地理探险家, the first of two polar expedition vessels for Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc. built by Norway’s Ulstein Verft shipyard has successfully completed initial sea trials.

Powering hopper dredge with our engines

周氏船舶有限公司. (WMI) and Eastern Shipbuilding Group have signed a contract to construct a sister ship to Magdalen, a Lloyd's Register 356-foot twin-screw trailing suction hopper dredge. 新的容器R.B. Weeks is scheduled for delivery in 2023.

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